Christmas Fun

January 23, 2009

We had a great time over the holiday break. We decided to support BYU in the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl. Too bad they didn’t quite finish the game strong. We had a great time. Hyrum especially liked the hot chocolate. Alyse was able to be a cheerleader during the halftime show with the BYU and UofA Cheerleaders. It was a little cold, and we did okay. Diane was especially warm since she had Joyce on her lap (nice and toasty warm in her blanket). Joyce fell asleep just after we arrived in our seats and slept until just before the game ended, kinda like the football team (Just kidding). Diane was able to see the entire game. Bill had the opportunity to take kids the bathroom, drop Alyse off at the end of the stadium for her cheer squad and then pick her up again.

We also went up to Provo, UT and saw lots of family. Bill took the five oldest kids skiing at Sundance. All of them were in classes and did great. Everyone went down the slopes at least twice. One funny thing was that Alyse lost her right ski each time we went up on the lift. It was a little cold in the morning, but warmer in the afternoon.

More of last years summary to come later.


St. George Triathlon – Bill, Royce, and Byron

May 14, 2008

Last year, we had a number of the Beal cousins sign up for the St. George Triathlon.  This year I signed up again.  Diane just had the baby, so she didn’t participate this year.  When it came time for the Triathlon, we had about 3 things going on last weekend (5/10/2008).  This meant that I took Royce and Byron with me on a trip to St. George.  

We had a good time.  The wind was blowing when we arrived on Friday night.  I was hoping it would calm down, but it didn’t.  The next morning was cold.  As you can see in the pictures, Royce and Byron had blankets and jackets on.  There was a strong headwind for the swim.  The water was also cooler than it was last year, probably around 62 deg F.  We met my Uncle John and  Aunt Florence Beal, who was there with my cousin, Michelle Beal.  I had already gone into the water to “warm up”.  I decided to try to find Michelle and found her right before they cancelled the Sprint swimming.  They had been pulling Olympic distance participants out of the water since they were have a very hard time.  Here are the pictures.

I did pretty good on the bike and run.  It felt better than last year’s portions.  I believe that time may have been slower.  The wind a strong through the bike ride.  Luckily on the big hill it was behind me going down, so I was able to get up to 52 mph.  That was exciting and a little scary.  I forgot to take my inhaler before starting the run.  It was a little tough, but I finally caught my 2nd breath after going up the sand hill.  That was nasty!  Up on the mesa, it felt easier to run.  I believe I placed 16th in the Clydesdale (sp?) division (those over 200 lbs).  Now Royce wants to participate!  It was a blast.


Family Campout over Spring Break

May 14, 2008

Bill became involved again with the Boy Scouts at the end of 2008.  When he was preparing for the Winter camp in January, Hyrum asked to go.  Bill told him that after the baby was born we could go camping.  So…after Joyce was born, we went to Oak Flats, just past Superior, AZ.  They have some great bouldering there.  Diane and Joyce stayed home and had fun, while the rest of the family went camping.  Here are some photos from the trip.

Bill was busy with the tents setup, hiking, cooking, etc.  He didn’t get a chance to sit down and enjoy the camp fire until about 9:30pm.  Wow!  What a day.  Everybody had fun.  It was also very cold at night.

New – Joyce joins us and we try out Blogging

April 6, 2008

Well, we have finally decided to try this blogging stuff out.  Seeing the other great family and friends showing off their wonderful families, we wanted to do that same.  Here are some pictures from Joyce Jenette Whitehead when she finally arrived on 3/17/2008.  Diane didn’t really mind that she was 10 days late…well truth be said we are glad she finally arrived.

This is after we got her home.

We were crazy and had 5 of the 6 children involved in sports.  Here is a selection of some of the pictures from last season.  Hyrum played 4-5 yr. old soccer.  Alyse played 7-8 yr. old soccer.  Byron and Royce were in Midget Tackle Football.  Tyler was in Major’s tackle football.  All had fun.  It was exciting for Bill and Diane trying to get around to all of the practices and games.  Here is a quick slideshow.

Sorry about all of the slideshows. We wanted to get some of this out initially. We’ll add more later. Enjoy!